Super Sales Have Never Been This Strong!

Rush Hour Events is the nation’s superior Staffed Event Company. The sole mission of our company is to take your dealership to the next level, by maintaining consistent results. We do this by ensuring the three keys to success; training, professionalism, and results.
We believe that results are much more than just selling cars and making lots of gross profit, it’s improving your store’s image and keeping customers happy. We’ll prove that before your very eyes.

Nobody has stronger teams of horses and better ground-breaking marketing than Rush Hour. We will maintain a good image in your community and we will protect the relationships you have with your banks by doing clean business. Rush Hour Events will create very high commissions for your sales reps and managers. We will make everyone look good and feel good, so it’s a win / win for all.

Our sales team will integrate seamlessly with yours, lead by example, and simply add to the manpower necessary to spend time with every customer and not miss any car deals. The Rush Hour management team will conduct sales training and reinforce the basic fundamentals of selling, especially in today’s market.

Rush Hour Events will simply maintain the highest level of ethics and the most customer satisfaction possible.

Many dealers state that when utilizing the power of Rush Hour Events, there is simply no match for the results you’ll experience, over and over again.

Rush Hour Events will deliver the energy it needs to boost sales volume and we will guarantee at least a month’s worth of gross profit in just 7 days.

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